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Finding the right home is a distinct process for each individual buyer. Purchasing a real estate property is one of the most important decisions a person can make. It’s important to choose a real estate professional with the experience, knowledge and integrity to protect your best interests as they help you navigate through the necessary steps to achieve your real estate goals. Global Life Realty takes pride in assisting our buyers to find the home of their dreams. Our agents take the time to get to know each one of our clients individually to identify their housing needs and wants. Allow us to put together a tailored list of properties to find you the home you will love.

What we do:

  • To find you the right home we first meet with you and have an in-depth discussion of what type of home, location, budget and lifestyle you expect in your new home. Nobody wants to waste time visiting properties that are not the right fit.
  • We then search and scour the market to bring you a curated list of properties that meet your expectations;
  • Working with your schedule we coordinate to visit properties together at your leisure;
  • We prepare detailed and meticulous briefings for you on each property we visit;
  • Once you’ve found the perfect home we will guide you through the offer process and negotiate on your behalf the absolute best possible price;
  • After an agreement has been reached we will draft a bullet proof contract to ensure as much as possible a sure and smooth closing;
  • We will help you select and schedule professional home inspections;
  • We will remain by your side as we escort you through homeowner association applications and make sure contract deadlines are met;
  • We will represent your best interests and work closely with title agents, attorneys, property appraisers, mortgage brokers and more.
  • All the while we will always maintain the upmost degree of loyalty and confidentiality.
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