5 Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor Before Buying in Miami 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor Before Buying in Miami

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor Before Buying in Miami

Friday, April 05, 2019

There are so many things to consider when buying a new home in Miami. The best way to help get all of the information is to speak to your real estate agent. Your agent, if you’ve done your homework and chosen the right one, holds a wealth of local knowledge. All you have to do is ask the right questions. Whether you are a first time home or a seasoned pro, there is always a lot to learn from the right real estate professional.

What Can I really Afford to Buy?

You have to be realistic about what you can really afford from the get-go. This is going to be imperative to allow your real estate agent to find something that is actually within your budget. You be up all night looking at listings on a variety of different website, but your agent has a wealth of information about everything that is going on behind the scenes. It is so much better to know your limits than to get enamoured with a home you actually can’t afford.

What is the first thing I need to do?

Typical home buyers will start their home search on the internet, in fact, stats say that 90% of home buyers do just that. But, depending on what your needs are as a buyer, it might be best for you to meet with a mortgage broker first. Or maybe you should sell your current home before beginning the buying process. Regardless, the right first step is to book an appointment with your real estate agent. A local professional will be well armed with the knowledge and experience to help you head down the right path.

How does this work?

Look, this is a lot of money, and it is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Instead of asking these questions as you go through the process, ask up front. When you book that first meeting, as your real estate agent to go through the entire process with you, step-by-step. Knowledge is power. And for you to be truly ready to move forward and start looking at homes, it would be best to know exactly how this is going to pan out for you.

Who pays your commission?

Don’t be scared to ask about the commission. It is a fair and valid question. Having a clear picture of how your agent's commission is paid is also going to help you be with your realistic budget. You are hiring your agent, don’t forget that. So like anyone else your hire, to solidify the business relationship you will want to discuss payment.

What Questions Should I Ask You?

After you’ve asked all the questions you want, your next question should always be” What haven’t I asked you that I need to know?”. You have so many things to think about with this process, it is highly likely that you are going to forget something. A good real estate agent will be prepared with everything you don’t know that you need to know.

Let the Global Life Team answer your questions for you. Global Life Realty offers a concierge approach to real estate. We understand that each individual client deserves personalized service and attention to detail.

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