5 Small Things to Consider When Renovating Your Miami Kitchen 5 Small Things to Consider When Renovating Your Miami Kitchen

5 Small Things to Consider When Renovating Your Miami Kitchen

Friday, March 08, 2019

Deciding to renovate the kitchen in your Miami home is a big one. It is all in the details. Anything from a countertop to a light fixture can make or break your vision. It can also affect the resale value when it’s time to sell. Attention to detail in your renovation will make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your kitchen renovation without breaking the bank.

A High-end Faucet

This may seem like a silly place to start, but often times the sink is a focal point of either the back wall or the kitchen island. The faucet always stands out. Upgrading to a higher quality faucet can help the overall space feel luxurious. It is also a great place to add some contrast. If the kitchen is white on white, a dark faucet would add some warmth to the room. Or, if the kitchen has dark tones, a nice brushed gold piece will give the space a pop of color.

The Cabinets

While it is true we all love the idea of custom-made cabinets, our budget doesn't always agree. If you want something a little more modern but don’t have the budget for a full custom cabinet installation, consider leaving out the upper cabinets. Adding a larger island for storage and forgoing the upper cabinets can help the kitchen feel open, airy, and modern. Furthermore, leaving the upper cabinets without doors can create a similar effect.

Cabinet Hardware

An often overlooked feature of the kitchen is the hardware. Finding statement pieces can make a 20K reno look like a 50K reno. It may seem like a small item, and it is. But upgrading to statement hardware completely changes the look of the cabinets, therefore, changing the look of the whole kitchen.

Light it Up

Lighting can make a huge impact in your kitchen, and wow potential buyers, should you be considering a sale. First, under cabinet lighting won’t break the bank and really makes an impact. And second, a well-lit working area makes all the difference. Make sure there is extra lighting pointing towards the prep area, sink, and stove.

Go with the Granite

No matter of the price range of your home, buyers want to see granite countertops. And even you are not thinking about selling today, you might be in the future. If you choose a different material, try to find one with a pattern that mimics the look of granite. There is no need to go for the most expensive slab out there. Often times stone companies have their remnants on sale.

Renovating your Miami home kitchen shouldn't be overwhelming. It would be beneficial to take to a professional. Contact Miami real estate agent, Carla Oliva today. Carla can give you some custom advice for your kitchen renovation.

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