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How to Update Your Bathroom to Add Big Value to Your Home

Friday, March 29, 2019

It is true - most people decide to renovate their kitchen to increase the value of the home. It is, after all, the best way to boost your investment. The second way? Renovate your bathroom. You and your family spend a lot of time in that little room. And you can be certain that potential buyers are going to be taking an extra good look around. People are expecting bigger, more luxurious bathrooms now more than ever before. Here are a few ways you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Optimize the Layout

You certainly want to optimize the functionality of the space, especially if it is a smaller room size you are dealing with. If you can, avoid having the vanity right beside the bathtub. It makes space appear smaller than it is. There is also potential for water damage if they are too close. A trick for extending the space if you don’t have a lot of room to work with is to have the mirror above the sink go right to the ceiling. Don’t separate the bathtub and shower unless you’ve got a lot of extra room to deal with.

Bathtub or Shower

As of late, it has been very popular for people to switch out their bathtub for a walk-in shower. While they look lovely with their long glass doors and beautifully laid out tile, they are not a good idea for resale value; especially if that is the only bathroom with a tub. If there is no bathtub in the main washroom, you may have just ruled out families as potential buyers.

Adding a Second Sink

Adding a second sink to your largest bathroom is an excellent idea, especially if it is a master ensuite. A second sink immediately makes a bathroom feel luxurious. It is also very functional as it allows two people to get ready at the same time. Because there are already drains in place, adding a second sink is not nearly as costly as one might think. An above counter decor sink turns your bathroom vanity into a sculpture, and again, they are not that expensive to install.

Shower Heads, Faucets and Fixtures

A leaky faucet or showerhead is likely to turn off a potential home buyer. And replacing them will give your bathroom an instant facelift. You want your fixtures to match the faucets and showerheads. Today's showerheads come in so many different varieties and offer very luxurious settings. If you can see the showerhead when you walk into the bathroom, this would be an area to splurge.

To get more home selling tips or to find what is happening in the Miami real estate market, contact Miami real estate agent, Carla Oliva today.


Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Friday, March 22, 2019

Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Are you getting ready to sell your home for the first time? There is so much information out there for you when you are getting ready to buy your first home, but selling is a whole different story. If you are thinking about selling your first home, it is likely because of some life-changing event. Maybe you are growing your family or moving for work. Whatever the reason, there is a lot to be excited about. Here are a few tips that you need to know as a first time home seller.

Insist on Professional Photography

With so many buyers going online to look at houses, presenting your home in a professional manner is critical. This is where potential buyers are going to decide if they want to book a viewing of your home. You want to make sure that your agent is working with a photographer that has a successful history in real estate photography. It is not enough just to get a good angle; you also need to be able to show color and depth.

Price Your Home Accurately

You obviously want to do your homework and hire an experienced real estate agent. If you feel like you’ve found the right person who can help negotiate your home sale accordingly, listen to them when they give you pricing advice. Agents have details about other home sales that you don’t. When you tell your family and friends that you are thinking of selling, you are going to have a lot of people give you advice. Some people think that because they watch the market, they are real estate experts. But don’t be fooled. There is a lot more to pricing a home and the price you decide to list at is absolutely vital to your bottom line.

Be flexible with your home showings

If you think house showings demand too much of your time, consider going away for the first weekend your home is listed. You are likely going to have quite a bit of foot traffic during the weekend. The best way to show your home is to allow potential buyers and their agents through your home on their own. Allow them their own time to really look around. They are probably going to look in the closets and cabinets, but this will give them the opportunity to really envision themselves living in your home.

To get more home selling tips or to find what is happening in the Miami real estate market, contact Miami real estate agent, Carla Oliva today.


4 Staging Tips to Remember if you are Selling Your Home

Friday, March 15, 2019

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, you are probably hoping to get the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time. That's the home seller’s dream. A fact that has been proven, time and time again, is that staging a home will help achieve your goal. It’s no longer just a good idea to stage your home. As a seller, it is one of the most important things you should do. Here are the top 4 staging tips to help you sell your home.

Get your Home Sparkling Clean

According to the National Association of Realtors, for every $100 you spend on staging, the potential return is $400. With a 4x return, its time to get out the rubber gloves. A little sweat equity can go a long way. From gleaming windows to dust free cabinets, every surface and corner should sparkle. Whether you like it or not, potential buyers are going to be opening doors and drawers. They will be trying to picture all of their items in your home. Paint them a clean picture. This is the easiest and least expensive way to impact your sale price.

Clear the Clutter

De-personalize your home as much as possible. Again, the idea here is to let the buyers envision their items in your home. Allow them to place their photos on the walls and arrange their family room furniture. Remove anything that might be a distraction. Make sure surfaces have minimal and neutral decor. This may not be an easy task; it may even require off-site storage. You can think of it as pre-packing. Don’t skip the closed door areas. Clean out your closets, storage areas and basements.

Boost Curb Appeal

It is the first and the last impression that counts. And besides, most serious buyers are going to do a drive-by of your home. So curb appeal could be the only thing between a drive by and a showing. Take the time to pressure wash the driveway, siding, and walkway. Find some large, easy-to-read house numbers so buyers have no problem finding your home. Plant some fresh and blooming flowers. Have the lawn mowed. Wash the front windows. Apply and touch up paint as needed to the porch and walkway areas. Give any outdoor lighting at the front of the house and thorough cleaning.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Nothing freshens up a home quicker than a new coat of paint. Keeping in mind that you want to appeal to all of the buyers that come through your door, a neutral colour palette would be best. This would not be a good time to experiment with lemon yellow, but you also don’t want it to be all white. Research the paint trends of the season and pick something right down the middle.

To get more staging tips or to find what is happening in the Miami real estate market, contact Miami real estate agent, Carla Oliva today.


5 Small Things to Consider When Renovating Your Miami Kitchen

Friday, March 8, 2019

Deciding to renovate the kitchen in your Miami home is a big one. It is all in the details. Anything from a countertop to a light fixture can make or break your vision. It can also affect the resale value when it’s time to sell. Attention to detail in your renovation will make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your kitchen renovation without breaking the bank.

A High-end Faucet

This may seem like a silly place to start, but often times the sink is a focal point of either the back wall or the kitchen island. The faucet always stands out. Upgrading to a higher quality faucet can help the overall space feel luxurious. It is also a great place to add some contrast. If the kitchen is white on white, a dark faucet would add some warmth to the room. Or, if the kitchen has dark tones, a nice brushed gold piece will give the space a pop of color.

The Cabinets

While it is true we all love the idea of custom-made cabinets, our budget doesn't always agree. If you want something a little more modern but don’t have the budget for a full custom cabinet installation, consider leaving out the upper cabinets. Adding a larger island for storage and forgoing the upper cabinets can help the kitchen feel open, airy, and modern. Furthermore, leaving the upper cabinets without doors can create a similar effect.

Cabinet Hardware

An often overlooked feature of the kitchen is the hardware. Finding statement pieces can make a 20K reno look like a 50K reno. It may seem like a small item, and it is. But upgrading to statement hardware completely changes the look of the cabinets, therefore, changing the look of the whole kitchen.

Light it Up

Lighting can make a huge impact in your kitchen, and wow potential buyers, should you be considering a sale. First, under cabinet lighting won’t break the bank and really makes an impact. And second, a well-lit working area makes all the difference. Make sure there is extra lighting pointing towards the prep area, sink, and stove.

Go with the Granite

No matter of the price range of your home, buyers want to see granite countertops. And even you are not thinking about selling today, you might be in the future. If you choose a different material, try to find one with a pattern that mimics the look of granite. There is no need to go for the most expensive slab out there. Often times stone companies have their remnants on sale.

Renovating your Miami home kitchen shouldn't be overwhelming. It would be beneficial to take to a professional. Contact Miami real estate agent, Carla Oliva today. Carla can give you some custom advice for your kitchen renovation.


Paint Colors to Avoid in Your Miami Home

Monday, March 4, 2019

No matter if you are updating your recently-purchased home or you are trying to make an immediate impression on homebuyers as they walk through your house, a fresh coat of paint can make a difference. This is a simple upgrade that is usually inexpensive, but it gives off the impression that the home has been well maintained and cared for. To truly reap the benefits of new paint, it is important that you choose your paint colors wisely. The wrong color can send buyers running away. Here are several paint colors to avoid in your Miami home.

1. Dark Colors

Many experts agree that when it comes to your Miami home’s interior walls, you should stay away from dark colors such as blacks, grays, and browns. These colors can instantly make a room feel dark and gloomy. They are difficult to paint over and they don’t pair well with much home decor. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to stay clear of these paint colors all together. In fact, by painting your front door a shade of black, you can increase your home’s value by $6,000. Kitchen cabinets are another popular area in the home for these darker colors.

2. Trendy Colors

Remember that trends come and go. What is trendy today may not be as popular in a few months. You should avoid painting multiple rooms throughout your home trendy colors as your home will quickly seem out of date. If you are painting, it is best to choose timeless, neutral colors such as tans, light grays, light blues, etc. If you really want to incorporate trendy colors throughout your living space consider home décor accessories such as curtains, throw pillows, rugs, etc., that can easily be replaced if needed.

3. Colors that Bring Out the Wrong Emotions

Did you know that colors are associated with various emotions? For example, blues and greens can make you feel calm and serene while red evokes feelings of power and rage. As you think about the colors you want in a space, think about the emotions you are trying to display. In a bedroom, you may not want bright reds that make you feel more overwhelmed and anxious but lighter blues which help bring a more focused, calm feeling.

You should not choose your Miami home’s paint color on impulse. There are many paint colors to avoid when updating and decorating your home. For more home-staging tips or if you are ready to sell your home, contact real estate agent Carla Oliva today.


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