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Home Showing 101: Cleaning Tasks You Need to Accomplish

Monday, February 25, 2019

When potential buyers walk through your Miami home for sale, you want to impress them. You want to create a space where they can envision themselves living and settling down. While there are many ways you can do this, one of the most effective and important things you should do is clean the house. Let’s talk about several cleaning tasks you need to complete prior to showing your Miami home for sale.

1. Scrub Your Windows

One home-selling trick is to open all your curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. This makes a room appear bright and large. However, when you expose your windows, this means that the potential buyers can see all water spots, dirt, and fingerprints that are covering these surfaces. Take the time to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior windows. If you have windows that are up high, it may be ideal to hire professional window cleaners to ensure the job is done well.

2. Declutter Countertops

Cluttered kitchen and bathroom countertops are major eyesores for potential buyers. They make these rooms look messy and disorganized. Only keep four to five items on your kitchen countertops and handwashing essentials on bathroom counters such as soap and a hand towel. If you choose to store items on your kitchen counter, make sure these are items you use daily. And If you want to store appliances, such as a coffee maker or a microwave, make sure they are clean and aesthetically-appealing or they will detract from the beauty of your room.

3. Clean Your Cabinets and Closets

As potential buyers tour your Miami home for sale, they will look in every nook and cranny. This means you can’t throw all of your belongings in a closet or a cabinet to get them out of the way. You need to spend time cleaning out these spaces. If possible, begin packing these areas and remove approximately 50% of all belongings. This will help these areas look more organized and large, both of which will impress potential buyers.

4. Focus on the Floors

No matter what room you may be cleaning, focus on the floors in the space. Pick up all unnecessary items and remove any clutter that may be piling up in the corner. Take the time to clean baseboards, wipe down floor vents, and vacuum or sweep the flooring. When the floor is dirty, it gives off the impression that the rest of the home is dirty and only the basics are taken care of.

If you are ready to put your Miami home up for sale, contact real estate agent Carla Oliva today. She can help you sell your house quickly and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.


Looking for Something to Do? Here are 4 Best Miami Beaches You Need to Visit Today

Monday, February 18, 2019

No matter if you are a long-time Miami resident or you have just recently relocated and now call Miami your home, this beautiful Florida city boasts numerous beaches for surfing, relaxing, and swimming. And while there are dozens of beaches in Miami and the surrounding area, it can be hard to choose your favorite. Here are just four local Miami beaches that you need to visit today.

1. Lummus Park Beach

If you want to enjoy a very classic beach environment with beautiful blue water and surfers and swimmers everywhere you look, this is the place to be. Lummus Park Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area and you’ll definitely notice right away. There is always something to do and see at this beach.

2. South Point Park

At the tip of Miami Beach is South Pointe Park Pier. This beautiful beach is perfect for the entire family with a large 17-acre park and playground area, a fishing pier, walking paths, and more. Sit back and take in all of the beauty of this Florida city and enjoy a nice afternoon out in the sun.

3. 46th Street Beach

From 46th street to 63rd street, you can kick back and enjoy the rolling waves and the sound of the ocean. This is one of the more quiet beaches in the Miami area. It is perfect for a more relaxed afternoon or one with your family. Parking and settling into this beach are easier than many others but you don’t get all the beautiful views as you do with other beaches in the area.

4. Crandon Park

If you are looking for the perfect place to spend an entire day, you’ll find it at Crandon Park. This park area does not only feature a beautiful beach, but it has golf and tennis, a walking path, and more. A nature center is also located here along with self-guided nature trails and a fossilized reef overlook. Not only can you relax, but you can also spend the day enjoying the captivating Miami wildlife.

Whether you are looking for a fun and exciting day in the sun or you want to just sit back and relax, you can find it at one of the many Miami beaches. For more information on the Miami area or if you want to purchase or sell a home in this gorgeous Florida city, contact Miami real estate agent Carla Oliva today.


Small Bathroom? Here’s How to Make it Work for You

Monday, February 11, 2019

When buying a home, you may have a large wish list. One of those “must-have” features may be a large and spacious bathroom. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in every home on the market and you may find yourself falling in love with a home that boasts a bathroom with limited space. Don’t fret. There are several things you can do that will not only make this small bathroom more functional but also beautiful.

1. Choose the Right Size of Vanity

A vanity can consume a large amount of space in the bathroom — space that should not be wasted. You may want to replace the vanity with a smaller item or a corner product. If you don’t need much counter space, consider a pedestal sink. This is a design-friendly option that will open up this entire room.

2. Get Rid of Those Shower Curtains

Shower curtains only make your bathroom appear dark and small. It closes off a portion of your bathroom area and limits your open space. If your budget allows, consider turning your tub into a standing shower surrounded by glass or just replace the shower curtain with glass shower doors. This not only makes the bathroom appear large, but also bright and trendy as well.

3. Forget the Towel Bar

Towel bars are popular accessories in bathrooms, but they can consume a lot of extra space. A large towel bar can take away an entire wall that could be used for décor, storage, and more. Rather than use these items in the bathroom, use towel hooks. Or if you really want the towel bar, consider hanging it on your shower door.

4. Choose a Large, Beautiful Mirror

Whether it is a bathroom, bedroom, or even a kitchen area, if the area is small, many experts suggest placing a large mirror on the wall. This creates the illusion that the room is large and bright. It is particularly beneficial for rooms with little natural light — such as a bathroom. In this area, hang a large mirror on the wall and surround it with a beautiful frame or another decorative element.

5. Use Bright Paint Colors

When updating this space, don’t choose dark and bold paint colors. This is only going to make the room appear overwhelming and dim. Rather, you want to choose light, calming colors. Consider paint colors such as light blues, grays, or tans. If you really want to use some bright and bold hues, implement these colors in items such as your rugs or towels.

Whether you have just recently bought a house with a small bathroom or you are placing your home on the market, use the above hacks to make this area work for you. If you are looking for the perfect home with the right size of bathroom in Miami, contact Miami real estate agent Carla Oliva today. She can help you find your dream home in the perfect location.


How to Create the Ultimate Laundry Room

Monday, February 04, 2019

When selling your home and trying to impress potential buyers, there are several features and upgrades you can make, such as remodeling the kitchen, improving the landscaping, updating all home appliances, etc. But one area of the home that is often overlooked is the laundry room. If designed correctly, this is one room in the home that can make the difference between your Miami property or the one down the street.

Here are a few ways to create the ultimate laundry room that potential buyers will love.

1. Include Lots of Storage

Ample storage is a large selling point for many potential home buyers, particularly in the laundry room. If space allows, install a few cupboards and drawers in the room for laundry basics such as soap, extra towels, and bed linens. If you have limited space in your laundry, try to take advantage of all areas such as unused corners and the ceiling. Install corner shelves, racks from the ceiling, and more. Be creative when it comes to your storage.

2. Install a Long Shelf or Table

A folding table is an excellent addition to any laundry room. This not only makes this task — which is a dreaded chore for many — much easier, but it helps create a very cohesive look in the room. If you have a long wall or extra space in the room, consider installing a built-in shelf or countertops. Or, if you have a front-loading washer and dryer, place the table over these appliances to save a little room.

3. Keep the Area Bright

While many individuals already dread doing the laundry each day, don’t make it even harder by creating a dark and dreary laundry room. Keep the area bright with large, open windows and simple window treatments. Paint the wall neutral and very light colors and feel free to decorate with fun, colorful rugs and wall art.

4. Don’t Clutter the Room

It can be easy to turn the laundry room into a type of storage room, but this will not impress potential buyers. You want to eliminate all unnecessary clutter from the room and make it not only appear large and organized, but welcoming as well. Don’t stack items in corners or on shelves and avoid filling the cupboards and drawers with unnecessary items.

If you are ready to put your Miami home on the market or are looking for more home-staging and selling advice, contact Miami real estate agent Carla Oliva at Global Life Realty today.


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