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3 Ways to Attract More Buyers to Your Home

Monday, August 27, 2018

1.Target Curb Appeal

If you are trying to attract more people to come view your house in hopes of selling it, for many of them, this will only happen when they like what they see. The curb appeal of your house is how aesthetically pleasing the house looks from the curb, when, for example, a prospective buyer drives by. If there is rubbish on the lawn, gardens that need attention, hedges that need trimming and a half-finished repair project in the backyard, chances are, you won’t get a lot of interested buyers.

2.Spread the Word

Tell your friends, tell the neighbours and take to social media to make sure everyone knows your house is for sale. While the sign out on the front lawn will do a pretty good job, you can’t rely on that alone. With the increasing access to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, not to mention the ease of communication via text and email, there are more ways than ever for you to communicate that your house is for sale. Once you start putting it out there, you will find that word will spread and more and more people will start to know about it, increasing the interest and increasing the range of potential buyers to your property.

3.Stage an Open House

When it comes to having people visit your home and see it for purchase, there is more involved than simply opening the doors. It is important for you to stage your home for viewing. This involves boosting the landscape outside by mowing the lawn and planting new flowers. You can put flowers inside, adding freshness and colour to the dining room table or in the bathroom. Prior to guests’ arrival light some candles throughout the home so that it smells nice and open some windows to make sure it is adequately aired out. The other important part of staging is to make sure you depersonalize your home: take down any photos of your family, remove sentimental family items and focus on a general de-cluttering.

Are you ready to sell your home but need help finding the right buyer? Contact Carla at Global Life Realty to have your house listed and discuss how you can get more buyers to your property.


How to Know You Are Ready to Downsize

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

If you have owned your house for quite some time, having it as the property where you raised your family and saw your kids grow up, you may be having second thoughts about whether it is still right for you now that your children have moved out and you are no longer in need of as much space. If you find yourself thinking about downsizing, here are some key indications that it might be the right move for you:

The Maintenance is too Much for You to Handle

A big house presents a lot more demands in terms of maintenance responsibilities. From the weekly cleaning to the outdoor landscaping, not to mention the seasonal tasks such as cleaning out he gutters and raking the lawns. Whether due to mobility issues or just because you no longer want to put the time into it, if the maintenance aspect of your home and property is becoming too much for you, it may be time to decrease this demand by opting for a smaller property.

It is Getting too Expensive

Let’s be serious, power rates, the cost of water and even the cost of home insurance is only going up, and you may have found in the last several years that keeping your home is demanding more and more of your monthly budget. If it is getting too expensive to own your home and it is starting to be a question of whether you can afford a property as large as you have, this is a good indication that you may do better with a smaller option. Not only will you save money on the cost of utilities, but your mortgage will be lower, saving you money on interest and allowing you to pay off your loan sooner.

You Want to Adopt a More Minimalist Approach

At some point, maybe you have just realized that you don’t want so much stuff! Downsizing your home forces you to get rid of things, including furniture, clothes, books and any other knick-knacks you have accumulated over the years. In addition, minimalism is more environmentally friendly and having a smaller home allows you to be more energy efficient and contribute to a greener way of life for you and the planet. Before you make the move, start getting rid of some of your belongings and adopting a minimalist approach in your current home and see how it feels. If you are happy with it, going for a smaller property may be the perfect thing to do!

If you have decided that downsizing is definitely the right move for you, reach out to Global Life Realty to let us help you find a new (smaller) house. We’ll work with you to ensure we can meet your needs for a property that is the perfect fit, that you can easily afford and maintain.


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