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3 Things That May Be Preventing Your Home From Selling

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Selling a home is intimidating. That feeling is worse when you have had your home on the market and it is not selling. Perhaps the neighbor’s house sold in three days, or the market in your city is hot. But your home just will not sell and you do not understand why. Here are some reasons and what you can do about it.

1. Your Home is Cluttered or Has a Funny Smell

Everyone has friends who’s home always looks like it is ready for a magazine shoot. Others are fine with a home that is cluttered. Cluttered counters, unmade beds, dirty cat pans, or general untidiness - nobody judges your home when you are busy and living your life every day. However, when you are selling, it is no longer “every day.” Get rid of clutter, excess furniture, and clothes. Do not simply put things in the closet or basement. Home buyers will look in closets and some even expect those to be neat. Moving is not an excuse for having boxes in your living room.

Ask a friend if you can store a few boxes and pieces of furniture at their house or consider renting a short-term storage space. Whatever it takes, get rid of excess to make your home look as open and as big as possible.

In addition to de-cluttering, your home needs to smell fresh. Clean up pet odors and use neutral air fresheners. Overpowering scents can be just as big of a turnoff as other smells in your house.

Never show your home when it is not looking its best.

2. You Used Dishonest Descriptions and Pictures

When a home has flaws, some homeowners cover them up with exaggerated descriptions and photographs. For example, do not make a two-bedroom house into a three bedroom by calling a large closet a bedroom. Remember, home buyers will go through your home before buying it. If they are looking for a three-bedroom home, your listing might get them to look at yours, but it won’t convince them to buy.

Pictures help sell a home, but make sure they accurately depict your home.

3. Your Home is Overpriced

Buyers do not even look at a home if it is overpriced. Over pricing frequently is accompanied by exaggerated descriptions and pictures, as described above. Buyers disregard overpriced homes, whereas homes priced appropriately can result in bidding wars between buyers.

Every seller wants to maximize the sales price. However, buyers are savvy and know the market. Buyers work with agents to represent their interest and they will tell their clients if the price of a home is unreasonable. Buyer’s realtors will also steer them to other properties if yours is out of their price range.

If You are Considering Listing Your Home

If you are considering listing your home, contact us. At Global Life Realty, we enjoy working with our clients in South Florida. Our experience allows us to value your home to reflect the market and encourage sales. Let us help you with your home selling needs.


Finding the Best South Florida Neighborhood for You

Monday, January 15, 2018

Finding the Best South Florida Neighborhood for You

Thinking of moving to the Broward County or Miami Dade area? Already in the area, but looking to up grade or downsize your home? Whatever your current situation, if you are looking at South Florida real estate, you should base your decision, at least in part, on the neighborhood you will be living in. Different people have different wants and needs. As such, there is no one perfect neighborhood. Instead, the neighborhood that is right for you will necessarily be “you specific.” However, below are some considerations when choosing your next home.

Consider Your Preferred Lifestyle

One of the many joys of South Florida is the beautiful weather. Your neighborhood is an extension of your home – or can be if you want it to be. When considering where you want to live, consider making a list of your ideal lifestyle. If you want to walk on the beach every day, there are neighborhoods in a wide variety of price ranges that make this goal more achievable. If you require a pool, your options may include the suburbs, but may also include a downtown condo building with a community pool for residents. If you have young children, you may focus your search on neighborhoods with the best schools.

Consider Conveniences that are Important to You

Some people cook dinner every night. Others prefer to eat out. If you enjoy easy access to restaurants, take this into consideration when determining the neighborhoods that might be right for you. Are you willing to drive to the grocery store, or would you prefer to walk? What about the dry cleaners? Your doctor? Your place of employment. Do you enjoy a commute? If you prefer public transportation, some neighborhoods will be a better fit than others. If walkability is important to you, research “walkability scores” by neighborhood.

There Is No Substitute for Being There

Once you have narrowed down possible neighborhoods based on your preferred lifestyle and family needs, there is no substitute for actually going into the neighborhood. Plan a trip to the neighborhood both during the week and on the weekend. Consider visiting at different times of day. Are the streets well lit and busy? Are the shops open in the evening? Is there parking available (if you will need parking)? How does the neighborhood feel? Only you can decide what neighborhood is right for you. Being present in the neighborhood will go a long way towards informing you about whether it is a good fit.

We Want to Work with You

At Global Life Realty, we look forward to working with you to find the neighborhood – and the home, that is right for you.


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