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Miami's Thriving Art Scene

Friday, October 27, 2017

The art scene is thriving in Miami! From galleries to performance theaters that host local and international talent, you’ll be hard-pressed to see everything Miami has to offer. Events such as Art Basal has put Miami on the map as a leading city for the arts and it is growing. Below are some of the top venues to consider for those who are passionate about the arts.

Performing Arts

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a ballet or broadway show, Miami definitely has something to offer. The Miami City Ballet is featured at the Adrienne Arsht Center, and Broward Center For The Performing Arts with performances year round including an annual production of the Nutcracker. The Faena Theater is also host to it’s very own sexy cabaret style performances. These cabaret performances have an old Hollywood allure and are inspired by some of the most famous European opera houses. This intimate and glamorous venue includes some audience participation so make sure you dress to impress and expect to be greatly entertained! Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes on Miami Broadway’s ever evolving schedule to see an endless slew of Broadway productions such as Chicago, The Bodyguard, The Color Purple, and many more.


For a comprehensive 20 and 21st-century art experience, be sure to visit Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) featuring international art – including modern and contemporary art. After spending a full day at the museum, you can take in the incredible views of Biscayne Bay while dining at Verde, the restaurant at PAMM. If your in the mood for an outdoor international street art experience, Wynwood Walls features murals crafted by graffiti artists and other innovators, and is free of charge. For the serious art collector, you will find plenty of art galleries in the area to browse. To experience where high fashion, design, architecture, and fine dining meet; a visit to Miami’s Design District is a must!


Over the years Miami has become a cultural melting pot with a very heavy Cuban influence. Some of our best places are influenced by this distinct Caribbean island. El Tucan is a modern style cabaret that pays homage to 1940’s Cuban jazz music style and form of entertainment. El Tucan pairs local and renowned cuban jazz musicians with great food and cocktails. You can expect a live 11 piece Latin orchestra as well as Grammy Award winning Pianist, producer and composer Marlow Rosado. You don’t want to miss this unique and entertaining dining experience happening every Friday and Saturday. Situated in little Havana, Ball and Chain, has a diverse musical roster which also features Cuban inspired food and drinks. They are hosts to a variety of local events such as karaoke, salsa, jazz, DJ’s, themed nights, and much more. If you prefer to listen to the classical sounds of the symphony, keeps your eyes on the schedule of Miami’s Symphony Orchestra (or MISO). Last but not least, for those of you who want to experience a large live musical experience, the American Airlines Arena is always the best for hosting today’s top musical artists as well as sporting events.


The Comedy Inn, is rated as one of the top 50 comedy clubs in the USA. This venue has hosted some of the worlds most renowned comedians and is sure to make for a very entertaining night! For classic stand-up featuring both national and local comics, the Villain Theater and Just the Funny feature improv and sketch comedy. They also offer classes at both establishments for those of you who are seeking to learn the art of comedy. If you want to be immersed in Miami’s local artists, Artistic Vibes showcases the local talents of comics (through improv or open mic nights) in addition to poets and musicians. These are all great venues you will surely not want to miss!

Miami’s art scene is thriving with options for entertainment! There are a plethora of diverse and gifted artist. Which one will you choose? To find out about events throughout MIAMI and BROWARD, connect with me. I’ll be more than happy to tell you all about some of my favorite local venues located in South Florida. We at Global Life Realty are all about helping to create your local lifestyle. Enjoy!


Home Inspectors – The Questions Every Soon-To-Be Home-Buyer Should Ask

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Home sellers go to plenty of effort to ensure their home is presented well. Usually cleaned, tidy, and occasionally staged, homes-for-sale can often look perfect on the surface. However, it’s important to look beyond the visual presentation to ensure that the functionality of the home’s structure, electrical, plumbing, etc. are move-in ready too.

While your Realtor (myself included) may provide you with a recommended home inspector, it is important that you ask relevant questions to feel comfortable too. Below are important questions to ask a potential home inspector.

Can you provide a four-point inspection?

A four-point home inspection is often required by insurance companies. This structured inspection helps the insurer to understand the condition of the home they intend to insure. During a four-point inspection, the inspector will inspect the HVAC (or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, the electrical, the plumbing and the roof. While this often satisfies the requirements of the insurers, a four-point inspection can be completed quickly. A comprehensive home inspection – that which tells you, the buyer, the overall condition of the home to make an informed purchasing decision – can take upwards of three to four hours. In other words, don’t rely solely on a four-point inspection when making a purchasing decision.

Are you certified?

To avoid the risk of having just anybody with handyman skills coming to inspect the home, ensure your inspector is certified. Membership with national or state associations often includes the requirements of adhering to a certain level of service and code of ethics. Ask your inspector if he/she is certified and if so, by whom. In Florida, some of the common associations may include:International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), and Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI). In addition to certification, utilize web search and entities like the Better Business Bureau to read reviews on a potential inspector.

Are you insured?

Many home buyers would correctly assume that a home inspection has small risk on the part of the home inspector. Sadly, accidents happen during inspections, so having an insured inspector is incredibly important. As an example, a home inspector could fall from a ladder or injure someone backing out of the driveway. Having no insurance would leave no coverage for medical bills. In addition, insurance coverage can also protect a home buyer in the event a home defect (that was reasonably obvious through inspection) but was not reported by the home inspector. An inspector with insurance is safer choice for the seller, home buyer, and Realtor too.

Do you provide additional warranties following move-in?

While it’s not entirely common for an inspector to offer a warranty, it’s a good idea to ask. Some home inspectors may offer limited warranties with an extra cost. Keep in mind that a home inspector who fails to report a defect that was relatively obvious is liable, but a warranty for things that can’t be observed like a furnace breaking down shortly after move-in would add an extra layer of comfort when purchasing a home.

Finding a home inspector who is certified, insured, offering a warranty, and can satisfy your insurance company through a four-point inspection are all crucial when considering a home purchase. Your inspector’s final report will act as a gauge indicating important components of the value and condition of the home by looking beyond the surface and into the functioning systems.Contact me with any questions regarding home inspectors and home inspections.


Everything You Need to Know about Barre - Miami's Latest Fitness Craze

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fitness enthusiasts are likely familiar (at least in some part) with spin, Pilates, yoga, and Crossfit to name a few. Barre, however, is relatively new to mainstream fitness, with studios popping up everywhere. Ballet-inspired with some elements of Pilates and yoga too, Barre classes develop sculpt, slim and stretch the body. In most cases, ballet experience is not required, and classes are suitable for both men and women. For those craving a results-driven workout, here is everything you need to know.

The Studio

Every studio will differ from set-up, size, and students per class. As the name implies, most studios have a bar, like those seen in a ballet studios, and in most cases, at least one wall is fully mirrored. Some studios will feature rubber matting, requiring bare feet, while others feature carpet and ask for socks (and, in some cases, sticky socks in particular). Expect to use equipment which may include, Pilates balls, Pilates blocks, fitness bands, and small hand weights. Instructors are usually very hand-ons ensuring students are executing exercises safely and correctly, as such, classes are small.

The Exercise

Following a warm-up, barre classes will work through both strengthening and stretching almost every part of the body. Exercises are conducted at the bar, some on the floor, and some while standing. Seemingly simple at first, even pulsing 2 lbs arm weights for a long duration can truly burn – strengthening while not bulking the muscles.

The Cost

Depending on the studio, pricing and payment will vary. Barre classes may already be included in the price of monthly membership in larger fitness clubs. Expect to pay more at private studios. Classes range from $21 per class and are often slightly discounted when building a monthly or punch-card package. While private studios are most costly than fitness clubs, the attention from the instructors is generally better too.

The Results

Attending a Barre class once can likely be disappointing as the exercises are challenging. Burning muscles and limited flexibility can make it challenging to push through. However, with consistent attendance, Barre classes will transform your muscular endurance, core strength and flexibility, all the while toning your body from head to toe.


Barre studios are popping up all over Miami. Whether you’re a resident or visiting, be sure to check out some of the studios in downtown Miami; they include, Barre Elements, Pulse163, BarreBox, Pure Barre Miami, and The Bar Method.

Considering a new neighborhood? Best to ensure that fitness amenities essential to you are accessible. To get a sense of fitness options in your existing or future neighborhood, connect with me – I’ll be happy to help.


A Miami-Dade County Market Update

Saturday, October 7, 2017

When reviewing real estate market activity, there are many statistics to consider to evaluate the overall health and trend of any given market. Leveraged here are the stats and information as reported by the Miami Association of Realtors for July 2017 (the most recent officially reported month). It should be noted that to account for seasonal fluctuations in the real estate market July 2017 will be compared to July 2016. Below, I explore various statistics as they pertain to condos & townhomes, then single-family homes in Miami-Dade County.

Closed Sales

Closed Sales reflect the number of sales transactions which closed during the month.

Condos and Townhomes saw an increase of 2.5% in 2017. Where 1,132 sales closed in July 2017, only 1,104 closed in July 2016; this was different from single-family homes that saw a decrease of 1.0% in closed sales. 1,117 sales closed in July 2017, where 1,128 sales closed in July 2016.

Cash Sales

The number of cash sales are indicative of those buyers who pay entirely with cash and do not use financing; this may be an indication of investor participation as homeowners are more likely to finance a portion of their purchase.

Condos and Townhomes saw a slight increase of 0.8% in cash sales; 638 in July 2017 compared to 633 in July 2016. Single-family homes saw a more significant drop. 259 cash sales were reported in July 2017, where 319 cash sales took place in July 2016 – an 18.8% drop.

Median and Average Sale Prices

Both the median and average sales prices are considered statistically since either stat on its own can be skewed by less-than-typically volume or selling prices.

The median selling price for condos and townhomes remained unchanged at $225,000, while the average sale price increased from $337,237 to $367,652, an increase of 9.0%. Single-family homes saw an increase in both measures; the median sale price increasing 12.0% from $299,000 to $335,000 and the average selling price of single-family homes rising slightly (1.7%) from $479,624 to $487,782.

Dollar Volume

Dollar volume is the total value of all closed sales.

Condos and townhomes saw a notable increase in dollar volume. Where $372.3 million was reported in July 2016, $416.2 million was reported in July 2017 – an increase of 11.8%. Less significant was dollar volume as it pertained to single-family homes; $541 million in July 2016 and $544.9 million in July 2016 – a 0.7% increase.

New Listings

These are the number of properties just listed on the market – this stat does not include properties removed from the market and relisted.

There were 2,126 new listings in July 2016 and 2,328 new listings in July 2017 – a 9.5% increase. Single-family homes saw a similar increase – 1,623 new listings in July 2016 and 1,772 in July 2017 – a 9.2% increase.


Inventory is simply the number of homes currently listed for sale. This number will grow when the number of closed sales are lagging behind those newly listed.

The condo and townhome inventory grew 7% with 14,092 active listings in July 2016 and 15.077 listings in July 2017. Single-family homes, however, saw a slight decrease in active listings. Where 6,300 new listings were reported in July 2016, only 6,187 were reported in July 2017 – a 1.8% decrease.

Statistics are helpful in identifying trends and in some cases giving insight into what lies ahead. Unfortunately, though, they are often reporting for large areas, where smaller macro areas like neighborhoods might demonstrate unique trends. If you’re interested to know the value of your home or get a sense of the market activity in your neighborhood or a neighborhood you’re considering, please connect with me.


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