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4 Reasons to Consider a Second Home

Sunday, October 14, 2018

4 Reasons to Consider a Second Home

While many people are focused only on saving for their first home, if you’ve reached that goal, there’s more than a few reasons to consider purchasing a second home. Not necessarily the right solution for everyone, here are four reasons why a second home may be a good fit for you.

Future Investment

Having a second home may mean that you use it now only on the weekends. For example, you work in the city and live near the city and then head out to a second country home on the weekends. In the long term, one of these homes can become an investment property for you, an asset which you can sell later or rent out to use as a source of income.

Downsize Later

For many people, it is not about the location of the second home, but the size. Couples with children will often purchase a second home while their kids are still young, as a plan for their future. The second home typically is smaller, with less upkeep and all on one level, providing a good option for downsizing once the kids have moved out. If downsizing is the goal, don’t rush into anything too early, as you may change your mind later on what your downsizing needs are or realize you are happy to stay in your current home.

Tax Incentives

Many people opt to purchase a second home in a place like Florida, where they come spend some of the year there, for example, in the winter. When individuals choose to then leave the home unoccupied during the time that they are not there, and rent it out for two weeks or less per year, there are options for tax deductions which can be observed. While it varies depending on the property and the owner, there are definitely advantages in this regard.

Rental Income

Another advantage financially is that you can use a second property as a source of income, collecting rental income on the property. While considered additional income and not able to offer the same tax incentives as above, it does pose a potentially profitable means of earning extra money. if you are thinking of doing this with your property, be sure to speak to an agent ahead of time to make sure you are allowed to rent the property, and to ensure that it is going to yield you a profit.

Whether you are trying to decide on which home to purchase or trying to decide if a second home is right for you at all, Carla at Global Realty is here for you. Reach out to her today to get started on your real estate dreams.


Tips for Using Digital Marketing to Sell Your Home

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Selling a home today brings with it a whole new series of challenges when it comes to advertising, getting the word out and putting your property in the face of people who are actually going to buy it. It is not enough to simply put a sign out on the front lawn, and it certainly won’t work to solely list it in the newspaper. Instead, it is time to focus on digital marketing. Home owners and agents alike can use a large selection of proven digital techniques and strategies to target an audience, advertise a home and bring in potential. With interest piqued, these buyers will buyers to an open house and seal the deal. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Diversify

While digital media is ideal, simply relying on one platform or one method is not going to be that much more effective than just putting up a sign on the street. It is important to advertise your home across several platforms, including social media channels like Facebook and Instagram; on the website of your agent or real estate company, and even through your own website or email. Different markets respond to different platforms and maximizing your chances of being seen is the ultimate goal!

  1. Stay Visual

Many people would prefer to look at images or watch a video far more than read text. Take quality photos of your home and property and have a professional video done touring inside and out. Post these with your advertisement to give insight into what you are offering and to encourage people to come to the open house.

  1. Make it an Event

Speaking of an open house, make an event! Many online platforms such as Facebook and other websites, such as EventBrite allow you to create events, complete with date, location, time and cost. Schedule an open house and create an event on any or all of these online locations and then share it with your community. You can post it on your own social media channels or share the events that the agency creates for your listing and open house through their channels and website.

  1. Keep it Simple

Remember that most people want the important details and the quick version of what they need to know. In a Facebook post for example, don’t get caught up in writing a long description of your property and home, and instead, give the basics and keep it simple. Provide agency links for people to click on who want to know more, or offer a second post with more details.

Selling a home is never easy, and in a competitive market, with many streams of advertising available, it is becoming increasingly difficult. But when you have the right agent on your side and use the right marketing techniques, you can sell your home in no time. Call Carla at Global Life to learn more.


Top Home Remodelling Projects to Tackle

Friday, October 5, 2018

Are you tired of the current look of your home? Are you thinking that one of your rooms just isn’t up to par with the rest of your property? If you find yourself in need of a change, or just wanting to get your house in top shape for selling, these remodeling projects may be the perfect solution!

Create an Outdoor Living Space

With the warm Florida weather, and regular sunshine, having an outdoor area of your property, where you can spend the afternoon, entertain friends or just enjoy with your family is a great way to make the most of your home - especially if you are considering selling in the future. Create an outdoor living oasis by adding a deck area to the backyard. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, depending on whether you will use it just for sitting or plan to host dinner parties. Make it beautiful by adding plants and greenery, a selection of candles, and purchasing comfy furniture that you can load up with pillows. And don’t forget to throw on some blankets for when it gets cold in the evening.

Spruce up the Bathroom

There are many ways you can give some extra love and attention to your bathroom that will improve the look and feel not only of the bathroom itself, but of the whole house. Start with some paint and modernize the color scheme of the room. If you don’t already have tiles as a backsplash or along the walls, consider if this might be a good fit and what color and style you should choose. Next, update the faucet and hardware on the drawers and doors. Choose faucet and taps that will look modern, and not become outdated too quickly.

Craft a Better Kitchen

If you are like a lot of people, you spend a great deal of your time in the kitchen. From cooking dinner to preparing lunches for work, to the daily breakfast and coffee routine, and maybe even crafting special weekend brunches. Spending a lot of time in a room means you want it to be maximally efficient, while still looking appealing. Start your remodeling project by changing anything in your kitchen that doesn’t work effectively for you. For example, maybe you need a new system for your garbage bins, or maybe you need to install more in-cupboard shelving units to help organize your dishes. Next, think about repainting the kitchen, and adding backsplash tiles above the stove or sink. Adding in an island can also be a great way to create a better kitchen and it is easy to purchase free-standing islands that can become a great addition to your home.

As opposed to renovating, remodeling is less involved, typically less expensive and has a shorter turnaround time. If you find yourself finishing a remodeling project and are thinking about putting your house on the market, be sure to contact Global Life to find out how we can help.


Neighborhood Matters: Choosing the Right Place to Buy Your Home

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

When it comes to purchasing a home finding one at the right price is not the only thing that is important: the location and neighborhood of your home is also vital to making sure you are happy with your purchase. The cost of home-ownership is too big to settle for the wrong location or being in the wrong neighborhood, so consider these factors before you make your choice:

Access to Schools, Services and Resources

Where you work, whether or not you have kids, your need for public transit and many other factors need to be considered when you choose your neighborhood and consider the services and resources it offers. Consider whether your children will be in the school zone for the school you would like them to attend and how easy it will be for you to get to work. Do you need a grocery store and basic necessities nearby? Driving distance or walking distance? These are all important parts of the location of your home and can play a big role in your happiness there down the line.

Ability to Build Relationships

The neighborhood where you live is where you are supposed to feel at home. It is going to be the place where you spend a lot of your time and you want to live there feeling like you can trust the people around you and form friendly relationships with them Before you purchase in a given location, ask your agent about the neighborhood demographics, and who tends to live in the area. Visit the space and walk around, and get a general feel for whether you could build relationships here and feel happy and comfortable, and whether it feels like a good fit for what you need.

Preferred Property Style

Another important consideration for your new home is the type of property you would like to live on. Do you want a home on a large piece of land with a backyard? Are you looking to live in a city, close to the daily hustle and bustle in a condo or high-rise apartment? Alternatively, perhaps you would like to live close to the city, but a condo isn’t your style and you are looking more a flat or semi-detached housing. In making this decision, it is important to consider factors such as how close you would like to be to your work, whether you will take public transit, or need a place to park your car at home. Also don’t forget to give consideration to the house you will need in a few years as well as now: raising a family in a one bedroom apartment may prove challenging.

Once you have given some careful thought to where you might want to live, be sure to reach out to Global Life to help you start looking for the ideal property in your dream location.


How to Prepare Your Home for a Sale

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Selling your house can be stressful and time-consuming, and for many people is not an enjoyable experience. In many cases however, this comes down to lack of preparation in the time leading up to the listing and sale. Once you know you are going to sell your home, there are a number of things you can do before you reach out to an agent to have it listed that will ensure you are able to negotiate an efficient and hassle-free sale:

Complete Renovations

Any lingering repairs or renovations in your home or on your property should be finished before you put your house on the market. Go through the house, inspecting for rooms that need to be re-painted, floors or walls that need to be patched up and repaired, and if the carpets need to be professionally cleaned. If you have additional renovations that you know can improve the value of your home, such as the kitchen or master bedroom, consider taking these on as well.

Have a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection lets you know about problems with your property that you will likely be required to fix before sale when the buyer has their own inspection conducted. This may be things you weren’t aware of such as problems with the foundation or plumbing. Knowing about these ahead of time allows you to save money by choosing the best course of action for repair, not simply rushing through the repair when your house is about to sell.

Tackle Curb Appeal

Finally, don’t forget to make your house look nice from the outside by tackling curb appeal. Curb appeal is like the first impression of a home, as it is what potential buyers see from the outside. To boost your curb appeal, focus on the landscaping and make sure you clean up the yard. Tackle any repairs to windows and siding as well as paint the decking if necessary. To make the property even more inviting, plant fresh flowers and shrubs and put out a welcome mat for when potential new owners come for an inspection or open house

With these helpful tips your selling experience will be drastically improved and you will find it much less stressful to sell your home. Not to mention, when you put in the effort to make your property look desirable, you are more likely to get the asking price for your home. Don’t tackle the projects alone however. Reduce your stress further and learn about the best ways to boost your home sale by appointing a qualified agent to help you out. Contact Global Life to learn more about how I can help you with your sale and make the process seamless and hassle free.


First Time Buyers: Talking Money, Saving and Getting Loans

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

There is no question, that as a first-time buyer, one of the hardest things is to save enough money to allow you to get a mortgage loan and put a down payment on your first home. After you purchase your first home, it gets easier to continue to maintain a hold in the market and buy future properties but putting in the effort to save your money and make your first home purchase is an important step. Here are some ways you can help yourself save more money and get there faster:

Know What you Want

Before you start saving or head to the bank, get really clear on what you want and how flexible you can be on the property you are purchasing. If there are things you know you want included, don’t let those fall by the wayside because you get excited about finding a home that is in your ideal Florida neighbourhood. On the same note though, be reasonable with your expectations, given that it is your first dip into the market.

Get Pre-Approval

Part of knowing what you want is knowing what you can afford. Once you have given some thought to the home you would like to try to buy, head to the bank and get pre-approval for a loan. They will tell you how much money you have to spend and help you get a good idea of the range of prices you should be considering for purchase.

Create a Budget

Break down your finances and see where you are currently spending money and see how much you need to be spending in each category – living costs, utilities, insurance, car payments etc. From there allot an appropriate amount to each and stick to the plan!

Cut Costs

Saving for a house means cutting back on spending! Downgrade your phone plan and internet plan, turn off the lights to cut down your electricity bill and eat out less, opting to buy groceries and cook at home.

Make Sacrifices

In addition to cutting costs on things like monthly subscriptions, you may also need to make some sacrifices along the way and go without. For example, if you are used to taking a yearly or twice-yearly holiday, consider opting for a less expensive holiday or shorter holiday while you are saving.

As a first-time buyer, you are bound to have lots of questions and be a little nervous and unsure of the whole buying process. And that’s why I am here to help. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can make the home buying process way less stressful and help you get into your first home sooner, not to mention make sure that it is one that you love and are proud to call your own.


Should I Renovate my Home Before I Sell?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

If you are planning to put your home on the market and getting ready to sell, you no doubt want to maximize the chances of getting the best value for it that you can. In many cases, a home renovation is a great way to do that and is a wise move before listing your home. Consider these reasons why it may be beneficial to renovate prior to selling, and then speak to your agent to help you decide what is best for you and your home:

You Increase Home Value

You may be concerned about making sure you get what your house is worth, but what about making it worth more? In many cases, renovating your home prior to sale can dramatically increase the home value. This is especially the case if you renovate the kitchen and dining area, the master bedroom or the bathrooms. Adding a piece on to the home, such as an additional bathroom or garage can also greatly increase your home’s value. Renovations which are more along the lines of repair work may not fall into the category of increasing the value, but will make it more likely that you receive your asking price because there is no work for the new owner to do to justify offering a lower price.

You Increase Visual Appeal

There is a reason curb appeal and home staging are so important when it comes to successfully selling your home: homes sell on first impressions and visual attractiveness. When you renovate your home and make it look more attractive to the buyer physically, this will increase the number of buyers who express interest and look at your home and will increase the likelihood that they will put in a reasonable offer. Make your renovation count by putting some time and thought into making sure it boosts the home’s aesthetics.

You Increase Your Audience

If you renovate your home making it more modern, inputting more technologically advanced features and updating the overall look to a more sophisticated and classy property, you will have a larger audience that will be interested in what you have to offer. Selling a home that has out of date decorations and features, is not technology-friendly, or is lacking basic amenities by today’s standards, immediately discounts a large percentage of the population who could be potential buyers. Try to renovate your home to cater to a maximal audience and you’ll have maximal interest and offers in return.

If you are struggling to know whether a home renovation is right for you before you sell,or are interested in getting a professional opinion prior to listing, reach out to Carla at Global Life Realty. With her expertise and experience you’ll be able to work together to determine the best renovation choice for you and your property.


3 Nature - Inspired Home Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

If you spend a lot of time cooped up in an office, working away at your computer and answering the phone, you may feel like there is a bit of nature missing in your life. Or perhaps you recently purchased a new home form Global Life in Fort Lauderdale and are ready to re-decorate with a nature driven theme. Whatever the case, these simple to implement decorating plans are an easy way to bring nature inside!

Floral Friends

While there was a time when floral patterns took a bit of a break and were looked upon as out of date and like the decorations your grandmother might use, they’re back in play! This year, the trend is toward large, busy floral patterns, especially as an accent in a room in the form of a cushion, wall-hanging or accent wallpaper. Bonus points if the flowers are brightly coloured and bold, and in particular if they fall in line with the bohemian flower stylewhich has been taking over decorating for the last few months.

Go With the Grain

It doesn’t get more nature inspired and earthy than going with wood. If you have seen an abundance of natural wood products, finishes and wood-inspired décor popping up this season, it’s for good reason: the natural bespoke wood look is back on trend, and many homeowners are embracing it and running with it. This allows you to bring a very custom and authentic look to your home, bringing in unique wood pieces that suit you, opting for custom-made wood furniture, or even experimenting with how different wood grains and finishes impact home items. Get creative with wood this season and let yourself feel like you are going into an indoor oasis every time you walk in the house.

Get Greener

With the increasing trend toward greener living, including everything from eating local to recycling more to wasting less, it’s no surprise that the greenness is coming inside too. The color green has been shown to have a calming effect on individuals and when implemented into a home via plants and nature-inspired green items, this increases even more: you have the calming benefits of the green, combined with the health benefits, including improved air quality, better oxygen production and mental clarity that is associated with having house plants. And the best part? With the increasing range of succulents and cacti available now, you can buy plants that are hardy and easy to look after if you don’t have much of a green thumb!

Still looking for a home? Want a new place where you can put all of these nature-inspired themes to use? Reach out to Global Life Realty and ask about how we can help you find the perfect place for your budget and needs.


3 Ways to Attract More Buyers to Your Home

Monday, August 27, 2018

1.Target Curb Appeal

If you are trying to attract more people to come view your house in hopes of selling it, for many of them, this will only happen when they like what they see. The curb appeal of your house is how aesthetically pleasing the house looks from the curb, when, for example, a prospective buyer drives by. If there is rubbish on the lawn, gardens that need attention, hedges that need trimming and a half-finished repair project in the backyard, chances are, you won’t get a lot of interested buyers.

2.Spread the Word

Tell your friends, tell the neighbours and take to social media to make sure everyone knows your house is for sale. While the sign out on the front lawn will do a pretty good job, you can’t rely on that alone. With the increasing access to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, not to mention the ease of communication via text and email, there are more ways than ever for you to communicate that your house is for sale. Once you start putting it out there, you will find that word will spread and more and more people will start to know about it, increasing the interest and increasing the range of potential buyers to your property.

3.Stage an Open House

When it comes to having people visit your home and see it for purchase, there is more involved than simply opening the doors. It is important for you to stage your home for viewing. This involves boosting the landscape outside by mowing the lawn and planting new flowers. You can put flowers inside, adding freshness and colour to the dining room table or in the bathroom. Prior to guests’ arrival light some candles throughout the home so that it smells nice and open some windows to make sure it is adequately aired out. The other important part of staging is to make sure you depersonalize your home: take down any photos of your family, remove sentimental family items and focus on a general de-cluttering.

Are you ready to sell your home but need help finding the right buyer? Contact Carla at Global Life Realty to have your house listed and discuss how you can get more buyers to your property.


How to Know You Are Ready to Downsize

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

If you have owned your house for quite some time, having it as the property where you raised your family and saw your kids grow up, you may be having second thoughts about whether it is still right for you now that your children have moved out and you are no longer in need of as much space. If you find yourself thinking about downsizing, here are some key indications that it might be the right move for you:

The Maintenance is too Much for You to Handle

A big house presents a lot more demands in terms of maintenance responsibilities. From the weekly cleaning to the outdoor landscaping, not to mention the seasonal tasks such as cleaning out he gutters and raking the lawns. Whether due to mobility issues or just because you no longer want to put the time into it, if the maintenance aspect of your home and property is becoming too much for you, it may be time to decrease this demand by opting for a smaller property.

It is Getting too Expensive

Let’s be serious, power rates, the cost of water and even the cost of home insurance is only going up, and you may have found in the last several years that keeping your home is demanding more and more of your monthly budget. If it is getting too expensive to own your home and it is starting to be a question of whether you can afford a property as large as you have, this is a good indication that you may do better with a smaller option. Not only will you save money on the cost of utilities, but your mortgage will be lower, saving you money on interest and allowing you to pay off your loan sooner.

You Want to Adopt a More Minimalist Approach

At some point, maybe you have just realized that you don’t want so much stuff! Downsizing your home forces you to get rid of things, including furniture, clothes, books and any other knick-knacks you have accumulated over the years. In addition, minimalism is more environmentally friendly and having a smaller home allows you to be more energy efficient and contribute to a greener way of life for you and the planet. Before you make the move, start getting rid of some of your belongings and adopting a minimalist approach in your current home and see how it feels. If you are happy with it, going for a smaller property may be the perfect thing to do!

If you have decided that downsizing is definitely the right move for you, reach out to Global Life Realty to let us help you find a new (smaller) house. We’ll work with you to ensure we can meet your needs for a property that is the perfect fit, that you can easily afford and maintain.


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