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Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, particularly if you have received very little interest in your property. No matter the reason for selling your home, you don’t want to decrease the price and make a poor deal just to eliminate the burden. Let’s take a look at a few common reasons why your Miami home may not be selling and what you can do about it.

The Price is Wrong

The price of your home will either attract potential buyers or quickly turn them away. While you want to make the most money from your property, by pricing the home too high, you discourage potential buyers. However, by pricing too low, you hurt yourself. Work with an experienced real estate agent, to accurately price your home. She can provide a comparative market analysis to help you accurately estimate the value of your property and set a price that will make both you and the buyers happy.

The Condition is Poor

The condition of the home is one of the greatest influences in whether a property sells or it sits on the market for several months. Most homebuyers in Miami are looking for properties that are move-in ready. They don’t want to settle into a house with a long to-do list. Closely evaluate your home and determine where upgrades could be made that will not only improve the value of your home but also the aesthetic appeal. And don’t just focus on the interior of the house either. The curb appeal of the property is the first thing potential buyers will notice as they drive up to it.

The Home is Messy

Properly staging the property takes time but it can provide amazing rewards. When you declutter, clean, and stage your home, you create an atmosphere that buyers can envision themselves living in. When the house is dingy, dark, and cluttered, it makes the buyer believe the home has received very little care and they won’t want to stay. If you have questions about how to stage your property or ways to improve your current home staging, talk to your real estate agent today.

You Are Selling the Home on Your Own

Some individuals choose to sell a home on their own to avoid working with and paying a real estate agent. However, this decision can directly affect the sale of their home. These individuals do not have the resources, training, or network to sell quickly and when issues do arise, it can take them longer to work through.

While the market can make a difference and some homes just take longer to sell, you can make a difference from the very beginning of the home-selling process. Talk to Carla at Global Realty and let’s see what she can do to sell your home quickly and at a price you love.


Home Staging Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Monday, November 26, 2018

If you are preparing your home for the real estate market in Florida, you must create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. You want potential homebuyers to walk through your home and envision themselves living in the space. To do this, you need to properly stage your home. By skipping this step or by making a few simple mistakes, you can hinder the sale of your property and drive potential buyers away. Here are a few home staging mistakes that you want to avoid.

You Only Complete Light Cleaning

Properly staging your home includes deep cleaning it. When your home shines, it gives off the impression that it has been well-maintained and the buyers will have fewer worries. Don’t just wipe off counters and sweep the floors either. Ideally, you want to scrub every inch of your home. Wipe down baseboards, dust light fixtures, clean out closets, etc. This is also an ideal time to focus on decluttering and removing unnecessary items from your home that are taking up space.

You Store Too Many Items on Counters

You may use your kitchen and bathroom counters to store appliances and items that you use on a daily basis. However, when you store these products on the counters, they create a space that looks cluttered and messy. In the kitchen, your goal should be to store fewer than five items on all your counters. Items you may store could include the microwave, a set of knives, etc. For bathrooms, remove all items off the counters except for essential handwashing items like a towel and soap.

You Forget the Closed Spaces

Staging your home isn’t just about focusing on what the eye can immediately see. It involves every area including those that are hidden. This means you want to spend time cleaning and decluttering every closet and cupboard in your home. Many homebuyers will look in these areas to get an idea of their size and storage capabilities. By cleaning out these spaces, they will look larger and more attractive to buyers.

The Home is Too Personal

Your goal is to make potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. By making the space too personal, such as including too many family photos, knick-knacks, and other family heirlooms, it makes it much harder to picture living in the home. As you prepare for your showings, remove many of these items and any unusual décor items that may be considered an eyesore.

If you are ready to place your home on the real estate market in Florida, Carla at Global Life Realty should be your first call. She can help you properly prepare for your showings and receive a deal that you will love.


Purchasing a Foreign Property

Monday, November 19, 2018

When it comes to purchasing property, many people purchase for their own use, while others purchase property with the plan to have it as a long-term investment or as a second property for holidays or renting. In many cases, this also means that people choose to purchase a property outside of their normal place or country of residence. Buying a foreign property has a lot of advantages, but there are some things to keep in mind as you go through the process.

Find the Right One

Given that you won’t likely see the property, finding the right onerequires extra attention. Don’t be lured in by nice pictures online or promises on advertising sites. Instead, do your research and start with the end goal in mind: what do you need in a property, and what type of home or location is ideal for you? Everyone has different needs when it comes to a second home. Whether that is location, size, or price, put in some time to make sure you can find the most suitable property for you and ensure it is one you are happy with.

Understanding Finances

Holding onto the property often requires a deposit. This is held by an agent or vendor and is to secure the property while the sale completes. It is important for future owners to be prepared to pay this amount in advance of the full property cost. Also take into account tax considerations. In some places, there may be a tax incentive, while in others you may need to pay additional tax based on your country of residence. Work with an accountant to ensure you are able to understand this part efficiently and that it isn’t going to be a costly tax burden for you.

Consider Citizen Status

Purchasing property as a foreign citizen has implications in addition to tax. Those who are not a citizen of the country where the property is located will likely require specific permits. A country may have stipulations regarding ownership in this regard. The conditions may also be different should the individual be planning to purchase the property as a second home, versus rental property, versus holiday house that they will visit infrequently. Work with an agent to understand all of these conditions and to make sure the property will work for your needs. Giving special consideration to these formalities is important to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Whether you live abroad and are looking to buy in Florida, or you are a Florida resident hoping to buy property overseas, Carla at Global Life is the perfect person to talk to. Reach out today to ask questions, get the right answers, and receive the expert advice you need.


3 Easy Tips to Help You Minimize and Downsize

Monday, November 12, 2018

Whether you are planning on moving into a smaller home soon, are actively pursuing the desire to downsize, or you just like the idea of a more minimalist lifestyle, the theme remains the same: it’s time to get rid of some stuff! Good for the environment, good for your state of mind, and good for your bank account, owning and purchasing less stuff has many benefits that you can take advantage of. But taking the first steps to get there may seem daunting and a classic case of “I don’t know where to start!” We’ve got you covered: start right here with these three simple tips!

1. Start With What you Have

The first step towards owning less and having less, is getting rid of some of what you already have. And it may sound harsh to say you need to go on a cleaning and donating spree, but doing this sets you up for the right mindset forward so that you aren’t tempted to continue to buy excessive items and hold on to too much stuff.

You can start with your closet, going through and getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in the last six months, or that made it through their preferred season untouched. If you’re not sure, turn all your hangers to face the same direction and then when you wear the item, flip the hanger. In two months, clothes on un-flipped hangers can likely be given to charity.

Next, go through each room of the house and take out things that you don’t use. Donate them or throw them out, or if you aren’t sure, put them in a bag or box and store them away for a month or two. If you don’t miss them in that time, chances are, they’re good to go!

2. Set a Budget

Once you’ve done your initial clean out, have a look at your current expenditures and see how much you spend on items such as homewares, clothes, furniture, and other material items. Commit to cutting this back by at least 50%, especially if most of the spending is on non-essential items.

3. Set a Timeline

In addition to setting a budget, set a timeline for the minimizing and decluttering process. Give yourself 4-6 weeks to complete the clean-up of your home, downsize the number of items you own, and adopt a more minimalist attitude towards spending and ownership. Alternatively, if you were able to do all the purging right away, going on a complete home clean up, set a maintenance goal: check in with your progress in 4-6 weeks to make sure you haven’t gone backwards and reverted to old ways!

Are you ready to find a smaller house to match your new, minimalist lifestyle? Reach out to Global Realty and we’ll set you up with exactly what you need.


Meeting the Neighbors: How to get Settled in Your New Home

Monday, November 05, 2018

When it comes to moving house, there is no question, it’s a stressful event. From the selling and buying contracts and negotiations to packing up, to unpacking in a new location, at the end of it all, you’re forgiven if all you want to do is hibernate in your home for a while. But moving into a new place and unpacking physically is only the first step: next up, you need to meet the neighbors and get to know your new area. Don’t be intimidated by the need to introduce yourself and meet new people, and instead, try out these helpful tips:

Invite Them Over

One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors and your area, is to have a neighborhood party! Everyone loves a good time, especially when it involves sharing food and drinks and having a chance to socialize. Choose a Saturday afternoon, and plan to host a neighborhood gathering. You can invite everyone through word of mouth, by putting up posters, making an event through Facebook, or simply talking to people that you see and inviting them to tell their local friends. From there, plan a few games for the kids (and adults!), set up some chairs and get ready to have a great time with your new neighbors!

Get Out in the Community

Unfortunately, sitting at home on the sofa doesn’t help you out much when it comes time to meet the neighbors or get to know the area around your home. The best way to do this is to get out there! Go for a walk, visit the local trails, take the kids to the community playground or walk down the street to the store. When you start to become more present in the neighborhood, not only will you get to know the area better and start seeing the people who live there, but they will also get to see you and start to recognize you as a new face in the community.

Participate in Events

While it is important to head out in the community to the park or for a walk, it is equally as important to take part in community events. Things such as local fairs and festivals, weekend markets, or special fundraiser events in the area all present a great chance for you to get involved, meet new people and better understand the heart and culture of the neighborhood where you are now living. Look up events on the community page online, or look for community boards such as at the library, corner store or even at the local supermarket.

Moving to a new place can be hard, and it is normal at first to feel like you don’t know anyone. But doing these things to put yourself out there, as well as speaking to an agent to make sure you find the right neighbourhood, is the best way to make your move easy and enjoyable.


Navigating the Market: Buying and Selling at the Same Time

Monday, October 29, 2018

Working out the logistics of a home purchase and sale individually is hard enough, but the reality is, that most people end up having to do both, and often at the same time! It can seem incredibly overwhelming to prepare your current property for selling, while simultaneously looking for a new house and staying on top of the financial requirements for each. Here’s how to successfully navigate them both and come out on top, with one house sold, and a new house to move into.

Get the Right Agent

Managing this dual process alone is not going to end well, and it will save you a lot of stress – and money – to work through it with a professional. Individuals who try to do the sale and purchase without an agent often end up without the desired end result, or at the very least, a long stressful road to get there. An experienced agent can help navigate each step, preparing you with the necessary documents and financial assistance, while at the same time, advocating on your behalf as both the buyer of your new home and seller of your current property.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Before launching into the home selling process, there are a lot of things you can do to minimize the stress at the time of sale or in the lead up to closing. First, start by depersonalizing your home, boosting your curb appeal, and preparing the home physically for selling. This can be a time-consuming process and trying to do it while also looking for a new home to move into is not idea. Secondly, visit your bank or talk to a broker and make the necessary financial arrangements. This will involve evaluating your current mortgage, and using that to see what your options are for a new property purchase.

Be Timely and Proactive

If there is one thing to adhere to in navigating a sale and purchase at the same time, it is the need to act quickly and keep on top of the process. Fill out forms as they come up and speak to your financial adviser whenever necessary. Speak to your agent and work together to think ahead to each stage of the process, being able to avoid problems before they arise, such as home inspection reports, and home closing provisions. Having an experienced agent will go a long way in making sure you don’t miss any deadlines or forget any details.

While selling and buying are both stressful, and the task of moving is no easy feat, you can make it easier on yourself by working with the right real estate firm. Reach out to Carla at Global Realty and find out how she can help you get through the process hassle free!


The Benefits of Working with a Specialized Real Estate Agent

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When it comes to selling a home, many people assume they can just hire the closest real estate agent they find or search online and pick the first name that comes up. While it may work, and it may bring you success, optimized selling comes from specialized services. You wouldn’t go to your general practitioner to discuss a hip replacement. Instead, you would seek the services of a specialist: an orthopaedic surgeon. When it comes to real estate, the same thing applies. Find out how a specialist can optimize your selling success.

Regional Knowledge

When you select your agent, it is advisable to choose someone who is from the area and who has their real estate practice tailored to selling homes in the location where you are situated. Doing this allows you to select an agent who is knowledgeable of the area, offering insight into things such as the areas where people are most likely to buy, the price range for the area, and specific details surrounding how the residents buy and sell real estate.

Market Understanding

Part of that regional knowledge is also an understanding of the market and demographic. You need an agent who knows not only the physical area, but also knows a lot about the people that live there. Having an understanding of the age of most residents, their income and occupation, as well as things such as family and marital demographics all come into play when it comes to selling a home. For example, if the agent did not know that most of the people living in the area were retired couples, they may target a lot of millennials looking to buy a home. Likely, millennials would not be interested in buying in an area such as this, and as such, your home sale may not be a success.

Neighborhood Savvy

With regional and demographic knowledge comes the need for knowing the neighborhood. Each neighborhood has their own unique characteristics and traits, as well as a selection of services and amenities. Being aware of these details and what they can offer to prospective homeowners is an important part of home selling success. it is essential to paint a positive and desirable picture of the neighborhood to future owners, and this only happens when you have an agent who knows exactly what that neighbourhood can bring to future residents.

If you want to sell your home and are ready to call in the specialist, don’t delay! Reach out today to Carla at Global Life and see how her specialized skills can get your house on and off the market with the exact results that you are hoping for.


4 Reasons to Consider a Second Home

Sunday, October 14, 2018

4 Reasons to Consider a Second Home

While many people are focused only on saving for their first home, if you’ve reached that goal, there’s more than a few reasons to consider purchasing a second home. Not necessarily the right solution for everyone, here are four reasons why a second home may be a good fit for you.

Future Investment

Having a second home may mean that you use it now only on the weekends. For example, you work in the city and live near the city and then head out to a second country home on the weekends. In the long term, one of these homes can become an investment property for you, an asset which you can sell later or rent out to use as a source of income.

Downsize Later

For many people, it is not about the location of the second home, but the size. Couples with children will often purchase a second home while their kids are still young, as a plan for their future. The second home typically is smaller, with less upkeep and all on one level, providing a good option for downsizing once the kids have moved out. If downsizing is the goal, don’t rush into anything too early, as you may change your mind later on what your downsizing needs are or realize you are happy to stay in your current home.

Tax Incentives

Many people opt to purchase a second home in a place like Florida, where they come spend some of the year there, for example, in the winter. When individuals choose to then leave the home unoccupied during the time that they are not there, and rent it out for two weeks or less per year, there are options for tax deductions which can be observed. While it varies depending on the property and the owner, there are definitely advantages in this regard.

Rental Income

Another advantage financially is that you can use a second property as a source of income, collecting rental income on the property. While considered additional income and not able to offer the same tax incentives as above, it does pose a potentially profitable means of earning extra money. if you are thinking of doing this with your property, be sure to speak to an agent ahead of time to make sure you are allowed to rent the property, and to ensure that it is going to yield you a profit.

Whether you are trying to decide on which home to purchase or trying to decide if a second home is right for you at all, Carla at Global Realty is here for you. Reach out to her today to get started on your real estate dreams.


Tips for Using Digital Marketing to Sell Your Home

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Selling a home today brings with it a whole new series of challenges when it comes to advertising, getting the word out and putting your property in the face of people who are actually going to buy it. It is not enough to simply put a sign out on the front lawn, and it certainly won’t work to solely list it in the newspaper. Instead, it is time to focus on digital marketing. Home owners and agents alike can use a large selection of proven digital techniques and strategies to target an audience, advertise a home and bring in potential. With interest piqued, these buyers will buyers to an open house and seal the deal. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Diversify

While digital media is ideal, simply relying on one platform or one method is not going to be that much more effective than just putting up a sign on the street. It is important to advertise your home across several platforms, including social media channels like Facebook and Instagram; on the website of your agent or real estate company, and even through your own website or email. Different markets respond to different platforms and maximizing your chances of being seen is the ultimate goal!

  1. Stay Visual

Many people would prefer to look at images or watch a video far more than read text. Take quality photos of your home and property and have a professional video done touring inside and out. Post these with your advertisement to give insight into what you are offering and to encourage people to come to the open house.

  1. Make it an Event

Speaking of an open house, make an event! Many online platforms such as Facebook and other websites, such as EventBrite allow you to create events, complete with date, location, time and cost. Schedule an open house and create an event on any or all of these online locations and then share it with your community. You can post it on your own social media channels or share the events that the agency creates for your listing and open house through their channels and website.

  1. Keep it Simple

Remember that most people want the important details and the quick version of what they need to know. In a Facebook post for example, don’t get caught up in writing a long description of your property and home, and instead, give the basics and keep it simple. Provide agency links for people to click on who want to know more, or offer a second post with more details.

Selling a home is never easy, and in a competitive market, with many streams of advertising available, it is becoming increasingly difficult. But when you have the right agent on your side and use the right marketing techniques, you can sell your home in no time. Call Carla at Global Life to learn more.


Top Home Remodelling Projects to Tackle

Friday, October 05, 2018

Are you tired of the current look of your home? Are you thinking that one of your rooms just isn’t up to par with the rest of your property? If you find yourself in need of a change, or just wanting to get your house in top shape for selling, these remodeling projects may be the perfect solution!

Create an Outdoor Living Space

With the warm Florida weather, and regular sunshine, having an outdoor area of your property, where you can spend the afternoon, entertain friends or just enjoy with your family is a great way to make the most of your home - especially if you are considering selling in the future. Create an outdoor living oasis by adding a deck area to the backyard. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, depending on whether you will use it just for sitting or plan to host dinner parties. Make it beautiful by adding plants and greenery, a selection of candles, and purchasing comfy furniture that you can load up with pillows. And don’t forget to throw on some blankets for when it gets cold in the evening.

Spruce up the Bathroom

There are many ways you can give some extra love and attention to your bathroom that will improve the look and feel not only of the bathroom itself, but of the whole house. Start with some paint and modernize the color scheme of the room. If you don’t already have tiles as a backsplash or along the walls, consider if this might be a good fit and what color and style you should choose. Next, update the faucet and hardware on the drawers and doors. Choose faucet and taps that will look modern, and not become outdated too quickly.

Craft a Better Kitchen

If you are like a lot of people, you spend a great deal of your time in the kitchen. From cooking dinner to preparing lunches for work, to the daily breakfast and coffee routine, and maybe even crafting special weekend brunches. Spending a lot of time in a room means you want it to be maximally efficient, while still looking appealing. Start your remodeling project by changing anything in your kitchen that doesn’t work effectively for you. For example, maybe you need a new system for your garbage bins, or maybe you need to install more in-cupboard shelving units to help organize your dishes. Next, think about repainting the kitchen, and adding backsplash tiles above the stove or sink. Adding in an island can also be a great way to create a better kitchen and it is easy to purchase free-standing islands that can become a great addition to your home.

As opposed to renovating, remodeling is less involved, typically less expensive and has a shorter turnaround time. If you find yourself finishing a remodeling project and are thinking about putting your house on the market, be sure to contact Global Life to find out how we can help.


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