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How to Increase Home Appeal

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

You’ve taken steps to declutter. You’ve spruced up the lawn. Maybe you even took the time to do one or two home improvement projects to increase the value of your home. If there’s one piece of advice for those about to put their homes on the market that is low cost and easy to manage, it’s this: let the light in!! Homes with a light, bright, and airy feel sell more quickly than those that feel like dungeons. Below are a few steps to take to show of your home in the best possible light.

Increase the Natural Light

First, never, ever, ever leave your home for a showing with the blinds down. Open up the blinds and let the natural sunlight in. Consider your draperies. Heavy curtains should be pulled back. If you insist on some privacy curtains, go for lace panels or sheer curtains. These fabrics still let in the majority of the light. Finally, clean your windows until they shine like the top of the Chrysler Building! A little elbow grease with some white vinegar and water, followed by a quick dry with a newspaper removes streaks and cleans off the winter dust.

Increase the Artificial Light

Walk through your home and evaluate your light coverings. From the globe cover in the living room to the sconces in the master bath, truly examine them. Glass light coverings should be removed and washed in the dishwasher on the top rack. Clean globes let more light pass through. Consider your bulbs. You will be amazed the difference a 75 watt bulb can make over a 40 watt bulb. Also, check all your lightbulbs to ensure they are all working properly. Replace any dead bulbs.

Consider Light Enhancing Features

If you are planning on painting, consider a light color for walls. Light bounces off light colors. A wall that has just a hint of color, such as ivory, barely green, or a very light gray can brighten a room. If you have dark woodwork, consider adding a mirror to reflect light around a room. For example, a large mirror on a wall opposite a window can make the room look brighter and bigger.

Buying or Selling in South Florida

If you are considering buying or selling in South Florida, consider Global Life Realty. We love real estate and we love South Florida.Our agents have years of experience in the area. We pride ourselves in staying up with the latest market trends. We look forward to working with you to find the home of your dreams.Contact us today.


Creating an Outdoor Meditation Space

Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits to a regular meditation practice. For example, consistent meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, and slows the aging process. Meditation also increases the number of disease fighting genes in our bodies in as little as a few months. What’s not to love?

Identifying a Meditation Space

Take a few moments to look around your outdoor space. Is there a tree you feel a particular affinity to? Does your balcony have a neglected corner that could be put to good use? You don’t need a lot of space for mediation, however, adding a few items meaningful to you can enhance the experience. Meditation calls for quieting the mind. While many people envision meditators in the seated lotus position, this is not the only position used for meditation. If you have the space to accommodate it, and you are interested, a hammock is a lovely space for meditation. There is no “right way” to identify a meditation space. You just want a place that is easy to get to appealing to your senses.

Adding Objects of Meaning

Once you have identified a peaceful spot, consider adding some items that will enhance your meditation experience. Perhaps you find water soothing. If so, consider adding a fountain or other water element. You may find wind chimes enhance your experience. Consider adding a small rock altar for burning incense.

You may want to install a few paving stones, or you may find you prefer the feel of the earth underneath you while meditating. Some people invest in a few outdoor cushions, making seating more comfortable. You may prefer to meditate seated on a chair or bench.

Creating a space that appeals to you increases the likelihood you will go there and meditate. Take some time to determine what is most appealing to you. And enjoy!

Looking for a New Outdoor Space?

If you are looking for a new outdoor living space, perhaps one that accommodates your desire for an outdoor meditation space, contact Global Life Realty. We can help you find a space that suits you and your needs, as well as the needs of your family. We love South Florida, and we love real estate. This positions us to be the perfect partner for all your real estate needs.Give us a call today.


Timing the Market - What You Need to Know

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

First and foremost, experts say you can’t time the market to perfection. In other words, you will never be able to buy with absolute confidence that the market is at an all time low. Similarly, you will never be able to sell with absolute confidence that the market is at an all time high. That said, there are certain things you should know when buying and selling real estate.

Understanding the Market

There are three types of markets:

  • Buyer’s market, where there are more homes for sale than buyers in the market;
  • Seller’s market, where there are more buyers than there are available homes on the market; and
  • Neutral market, where the number of buyers and sellers is approximately equal.

Home Sales in a Buyer’s Market

In a buyer’s market, buyers can expect lower home prices. Buyers can also request concessions from the seller, such as asking the seller to pay closing costs. Buyers can also request pest inspections, a home warranty, or roof certifications. Buyers have the luxury of extending an offer contingent on selling the buyer’s current home.

When buying in a seller’s market, buyers are at a disadvantage. For example, because multiple offers are common, a home’s list price may be just the starting point for purchase negotiations. Sellers are less inclined to agree to pay for inspections or closing costs. Further, sellers don’t have to agree to contingent offers, as they are likely to also get offers without contingencies.

Home Sales in a Seller’s Market

Conversely, when selling in a seller’s market, sellers are at liberty to ask a higher price for their home, because there are fewer choices for buyers. They are more likely to sell the home “as is,” without inspections or concessions as you might expect in a buyer’s market.

Selling in a buyer’s market ensures a lower price as a rule. Sellers must be willing to make repairs or expect to provide the buyers with money to repair things around the home. Sellers have less control of the transaction, due to market saturation.

Imperfect Timing

While you may never be able to time a home sale to the absolute peak or low point of a market, you can make some educated choices. If you have the luxury of time, you can ensure an advantage, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

If You Are Considering Buying or Selling a Home

If you are considering buying or selling a home, contact Global Life Realty. We are happy to work with you, setting reasonable expectations and discussing your buying and selling goals. South Florida has some of the finest real estate worldwide. From luxury condominiums to family homes, we have access to the perfect property for you and your family.


Does a Pool Increase the Value of Your Home?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Installing an in-ground pool at your home is a big investment. First, there is the excavation and installation of the pool itself. Next, if there isn’t already a privacy fence, keeping out unwanted pool hoppers and unsuspecting toddlers, this must be erected. (A barrier, either a fence, dwelling wall, or non-dwelling wall that completely obstructs access to the pool is the law in Florida.) Finally, landscaping can increase the cost of a pool.

When selling a home, the fact that there is a pool will be listed by your real estate agent. Obviously, for those looking for a pool on their property, this is a big advantage. The fact you have gone to the time and trouble to install a pool means they don’t have to. This could push your property to the top of someone’s “must see” list. It may even result in a faster sale of your home.

However, there is also a contingent of the population, (even in sunny Florida) who have no use for a pool whatsoever. They may see it as an inconvenience, as it requires ongoing maintenance. They may see it as a liability if they don’t swim and have no others in the family with an interest in swimming. Or they just may see it as an obstacle to their desire for a vast expanse of lawn.

Consider a Different Question

While certain investments, such as a new roof or an upgraded air conditioning system are generally agreed upon as valued improvements, the same cannot be said for installing a pool. Consequently, home owners are encouraged to consider a different question. How much would an in-ground pool enhance the quality of your life right now? Do you see yourself and your family enjoying the pool while you are living at the property? How long do you intend to stay there?

If an in-ground pool will enhance your quality of life by bringing you joy, making your home the logical “hang out spot” for your resident teenager, or provide a relaxing form of exercise, and you can afford it, then by all means, install a pool at your earliest convenience.

However, if you are considering installing a pool just to potentially increase your home’s value, odds are, it isn’t the best investment of your home improvement dollars.

If You Are Looking for a New Home

If you are looking for a new home, contact Global Life Realty. We love south Florida, and we would love to help you find the perfect home for you. Whether you are looking for a property with a private pool, or one that has other features you find attractive, we can help you find the perfect property in a location that suits your needs and the needs of your family.


Things to Do in South Florida in April

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

April will soon be upon us. Below are some fun things to do in April.

23rd Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival’s Student Showcase of Films

This red-carpet awards show April 6, 2018 is held at the World Performing Arts Center at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. It is the largest student film awards show in the state. Burt Reynolds will be presenting the Burt Reynolds scholarship. TV star and rap icon Vanilla Ice will present the Music Video Award. Other surprise celebrity presenters will also participate. This show starts at 10:30 AM, with pre-show festivities starting at 9:30 AM. This event is free and open to the public.

Art Opening, Village Design Art Gallery

Village Design Art Gallery presents Imaginary Conversations by South Florida based artist Jennifer Haley. The opening reception will be held at the Gallery April 7 from 6 PM to 10 PM. The artist relies on multiple media to create abstract works. She seeks to manifest “the merging of her inner and outer worlds, a meditation on the parallel but often conflicting experiences of internal and external identities.”

First EVER Earth Day Film Festival

The first ever Earth Day Film Festival will be held at the Pembroke Pines City Center on April 14, 2018 between 5:30 PM and 9:00 PM. Focusing on South Florida film makers, both narrative and documentary short films are presented. Topics include the environment, sustainability, and the nature of South Florida. Titles include “Poseidon’s Journey,” “Tiger Sharks Fight for Survival,” “Vessel,” “Grace,” and “Home.” Admission is free and open to the public.

56th Annual Delray Affair

The Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the 56th Delray Affair from April 13 to April 15, 2018. This is one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the southeast portion of the United States. Including over 500 exhibitors over 12 blocks, you can find artists, crafters, food vendors, and the Islamorada Beer Company. This event has received awards in recognition of the eclectic mix of arts, crafts, and unique products from around the world.

This year, the Delray Affair introduces a beer and wine garden that offers live music on the corner of Atlantic and Swinton Avenue. You can find rock ‘n roll mixologists and a Johnnie Walker cocktail sampling. This year, they are also bringing back local live music. Admission is free.

If You Have Real Estate Needs in South Florida

At Global Life Realty, we love South Florida. We love the neighborhoods and we love the lifestyle. Let us help you find the home of your dreams in South Florida. Contact us today to talk about your family’s needs.


Tips and Tricks for a Fast Home Sale

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tips and Tricks for a Fast Home Sale

Regardless of whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, there are things you can do to increase your odds of a fast home sale.

Price Your Home Right, The First Time

The first key to a fast sale is making sure you are pricing your home right. Forget what you heard at that cocktail party last week about that house two neighborhoods over. Every neighborhood is different. When it comes to pricing your home, engage an experienced real estate professional. We constantly study the market, looking for tips and trends. We know what sells and how fast. By pricing your home right the first time, you put yourself in optimal positioning for a fast sale. Price too high, and the home will linger on the market. Price too low, and people will wonder what is wrong with it.

Consider Your “Drive By” Appeal

If people don’t come inside, they will never know about your stunning vaulted ceilings, or your fantastic kitchen, or your incredibly relaxing spa. Take some time to consider your drive by appeal. If someone was approaching your home for the first time, would they want to enter, based on the view from outside? Or would they just drive by? Your home’s first impression is made while potential buyers are still in the car. Consider planting something green or flowery. Purchase an attractive mailbox that matches the look of your home. Perhaps your front door needs a fresh coat of paint. Are the children’s toys a distraction? A critical eye from the street can provide valuable information about how others see your home.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

There are few things that can make a home look larger, but decluttering is one thing that can. Take some time to remove things from rooms that are unnecessary. Of course, this includes stacks of papers, unpaid bills, and the kids’ artwork. But it also includes extra furniture that you don’t need, your extensive paperweight collection, and excess appliances on the kitchen counter.

Rely on Professionals

Real estate agents are happy to provide professional advice on what you can do to increase the likelihood of a fast sale. Rather than guess, rely on professionals to help you during this time.

If You Are Considering Selling Your Home

At Global Life Realty, we love serving our clients, by helping them put their best foot forward. We look forward to working with you, making sure your home is in top form before putting it on the market. Then we work with our other clients, as well as other real estate agents, to find the perfect buyers for your home. Finally, we look forward to helping you find the next home of your dreams.Contact us today.


Recently Purchased a Home? Trendy Colors for Your Bathroom

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Now that you have purchased your home, you want to make it yours. The easiest and least expensive way to accomplish that is to paint your bathroom. It is also small enough that it can be a quick, afternoon project.

Remember the Color Wheel

No matter what approach you take, consider the color wheel. Color schemes are from the color wheel. Colors that are across from the color wheel go together, such as purple and yellow. Colors next to each other, such as green and blue are too close and do not go together as well, often clashing. The color wheel provides good information and answers to color questions.

Use Two Neutrals

One popular color scheme involves mixing two neutral colors.Neutral color schemes create an atmosphere of serenity and calm in your bathroom. When using multiple colors, the rule of proportions applies. For two colors, use a 70% / 30% mix.

Consider Three Colors

In this scheme, use one neutral, one rich and one accent color. Again, applying the rule of proportion, use a 70/20/10 break down. The lightest color should be 70% or the decor, the second lightest 20% and the boldest 10%.

Two Contrasting Bright Colors

If you prefer a more energetic look for your bathroom, use modern, bright colors. Complementary bright colors, such as orange and blue are invigorating.

Organic Colors

Organic colors soften the hard edges found in modern bathroom.

Dark Colors

Dark colors feel warm and rich. They offer contrast when balanced with a brighter color for trim and fixtures. You may also consider using a brighter color for your bathroom accessories.

Consider the Rest of Your Home

Your bathroom is only one aspect of your home. Be inspired by the other colors of your home. For example, take an accent color that appears in another room of your home and make it the dominant color in your bathroom. Your rooms will keep their own identity, but it will improve and feel and flow of your home.

Do not worry about this decision -- have fun! If you do not like your choice, you can always change it in a few months.

Looking for a New Home of Your Own?

If you are looking for a new home of your own, contact Global Life Realty. We love south Florida. We would love the opportunity to share our knowledge and love of the area with you. Contact us today.


Getting Ready to Show Your Home: Organizing Tips

Thursday, March 1, 2018

If you are even thinking of selling your home, you should know less is more when showing your home. A well organized home just sells more quickly. To some people, organization comes naturally. However, for many of us, organization is a challenge. Below are some organizing tips for your closets and your bathroom that can help you get going.

Organizing Your Closets

If you are hiring movers, bear in mind you will be paying someone by the pound to move your things. Go into your closets and start sorting. Consider categories such as keep, donate, and toss. With each item of clothing ask yourself, “Does it fit?” “Do I wear it?” (As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in 18 months, get rid of it!) If the answer is “No” to either question, ask yourself, “Would someone else wear this?” If the answer is yes, put it in the donate pile. If the garment is hopelessly out of date, torn, missing buttons, or stained, toss it. Thinning out your clothes reduces the likelihood of having an overstuffed closet.

Next, organize your clothes by color group. Most retail stores organize clothing by color, using ROY G BIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). This provides a guide that is easy on the eyes, and familiar to the viewer.

Consider what else is present in our closet. You may rest assured when people are viewing your home, they will want to view your closet spaces. Do you have piles and piles of shoes on the floor? Consider using the same method, asking yourself, “Do I wear these shoes?” and “Do they fit with my current wardrobe?” if the answer to either question is “No,” again consider whether the shoes would be best donated or thrown away.

Organizing the Bathroom

While many people keep their prescriptions in their bathroom, this may not be the best choice when you put your home on the market. Consider gathering your prescriptions and moving them to another location, such as a dresser drawer, or nightstand. While closets are fair game during a home viewing, the interior section of furniture is not. This step preserves your privacy and clears space. If you have small children, consider gathering tub toys and storing them in a bucket under the sink. Group non- prescription medications, such as pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medications, and place them in a basket or bin for organized storage. Finally, consider using a makeup organizer to store such items as swabs, cotton balls, hair brushes, and the like.

If You are Considering Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, please consider contacting Global Life Realty. Let us lend our expertise in staging your home, identifying problem areas, and creating a plan going forward. We love South Florida and we love helping people buy and sell their homes.


The Benefits of an Open House

Friday, February 2, 2018

Having an open house has many benefits, some more obvious than others. Of course, having an open house requires advertising. An open house is a great way to announce to the world you have put your home on the market. Signs announcing the open house put around the neighborhood generate buzz. Open houses bring new traffic into the neighborhood and right to your front door. This exposure can be just what you need to sell your house. However, did you know there are other benefits to planning and hosting an open house? Consider these benefits.

It Gets Your House Spic and Span

Planning and hosting an open house requires the homeowner to get their place into tip top shape. For some home owners, scheduling an open house is just what they need to organize that closet, declutter the desk, or clear the weeds out of the rock garden. Of course, once the home is spic and span, it is much easier to keep it that way. This means the home is ready for those spur of the moment showings.

Open Houses Provide Feedback

Having an open house provides home owners with feedback about things they may have otherwise overlooked. Comments from open house visitors may offer insight into another way to favorably show off a home feature, or provide information on how strangers view the back yard. Additionally, if home owners are uncertain about a price point, an open house might provide a reality check if the listing is priced too high.


Let’s face it, the more people that see your home, the more likely you are to sell your home. Each potential buyer walking through the open house is an opportunity for the seller. Not only is it an opportunity to sell the home, where a looker is so inclined, it is also an opportunity to listen and learn when open house visitors are thinking as they tour the home. This, in turn, can lead to tweaking the presentation of the home, which can result in the home selling.

Are You Considering Selling Your Home?

If you are considering selling your home, contact the agents at Global Life Realty. Our agents enjoy working with clients as they sell their home. We are constantly networking with other real estate agents, attending open houses, and taking advanced classes so as to better serve our clients. Let us work with you to sell your home.


3 Things That May Be Preventing Your Home From Selling

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Selling a home is intimidating. That feeling is worse when you have had your home on the market and it is not selling. Perhaps the neighbor’s house sold in three days, or the market in your city is hot. But your home just will not sell and you do not understand why. Here are some reasons and what you can do about it.

1. Your Home is Cluttered or Has a Funny Smell

Everyone has friends who’s home always looks like it is ready for a magazine shoot. Others are fine with a home that is cluttered. Cluttered counters, unmade beds, dirty cat pans, or general untidiness - nobody judges your home when you are busy and living your life every day. However, when you are selling, it is no longer “every day.” Get rid of clutter, excess furniture, and clothes. Do not simply put things in the closet or basement. Home buyers will look in closets and some even expect those to be neat. Moving is not an excuse for having boxes in your living room.

Ask a friend if you can store a few boxes and pieces of furniture at their house or consider renting a short-term storage space. Whatever it takes, get rid of excess to make your home look as open and as big as possible.

In addition to de-cluttering, your home needs to smell fresh. Clean up pet odors and use neutral air fresheners. Overpowering scents can be just as big of a turnoff as other smells in your house.

Never show your home when it is not looking its best.

2. You Used Dishonest Descriptions and Pictures

When a home has flaws, some homeowners cover them up with exaggerated descriptions and photographs. For example, do not make a two-bedroom house into a three bedroom by calling a large closet a bedroom. Remember, home buyers will go through your home before buying it. If they are looking for a three-bedroom home, your listing might get them to look at yours, but it won’t convince them to buy.

Pictures help sell a home, but make sure they accurately depict your home.

3. Your Home is Overpriced

Buyers do not even look at a home if it is overpriced. Over pricing frequently is accompanied by exaggerated descriptions and pictures, as described above. Buyers disregard overpriced homes, whereas homes priced appropriately can result in bidding wars between buyers.

Every seller wants to maximize the sales price. However, buyers are savvy and know the market. Buyers work with agents to represent their interest and they will tell their clients if the price of a home is unreasonable. Buyer’s realtors will also steer them to other properties if yours is out of their price range.

If You are Considering Listing Your Home

If you are considering listing your home, contact us. At Global Life Realty, we enjoy working with our clients in South Florida. Our experience allows us to value your home to reflect the market and encourage sales. Let us help you with your home selling needs.


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